Baldwin's Farmhouse Ice Cream

Baldwin’s Farmhouse Ice Cream

There’s little corner of Waterford in the far West where Cork meets Waterford, along the shores of the Blackwater river, that is called Knockanore.

A fertile region, dairy farming is a key activity here, it’s no surprise then that this little village in West Waterford is home to 2 cheesemakers and a farmhouse Ice Cream maker.

Thomas Baldwin looked at his family’s dairy farm and was seeking ways to make this work for the next generation. In doing this he has developed some beautifully rich farmhouse ice creams, from the milk and cheese from his own herd, mixed with a range of natural ingredients.

In this case tasting is believing! You will find Baldwin’s Ice Cream in The Country Store, Dungarvan or look out on your menus while you’re in Waterford!

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Killeenagh, Knockanore, Co. Waterford

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