Legacy Cider Meet the Makers tasting session

Legacy Irish Cider: Opening Up Your Cider Experience

Legacy Irish Cider is aptly named, as you could almost think Liam McDonnell’s blood runs with apple juice. In conversation with Julie Ward, Liam speaks about how growing has been in his family for generations, and he’s one of the best advocates of this very wonderful, and sometimes undersung drink. In this session, sampling Legacy’s Dry and Medium ciders like wines, Liam and Julie find a wealth of tasting notes. Get ready to pair with black pudding from (whisper it) Cork, and available from the very brilliant McGrath’s Butchers in Lismore. “Soul food,” says Julie as the black pudding opens the cider up, and vice versa. Then enjoy Pure Food Company’s Rocket and Garlic Pesto on Mezze’s Lavosh Flatbreads