Traditions, history
and passionate producers

Food seems to flourish in Co. Waterford, part of Ireland’s Ancient East. Some say it’s the rich soil and sandy shores protected by the mountains and nurtured by the sea breeze and mild climate.

Some say it’s the history.

Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city, has always been a place of firsts – the first teas, wines and spices reaching our shores through the invaders and traders who came to Waterford through our port; once the busiest in Europe.

It’s a strong community of people, driven by a desire to create unique food, and a vibrant heartland with its many visitors who sought to influence us.

Tales of Vikings and Huguenots, of stately houses and castles nestled along our rivers, and people who know exactly where food treasure is to be found.

It’s this rich history of food and openness to the world that has been blended with fresh local ingredients and dishes over time to make up the exciting range of food and drink that’s available in Co. Waterford today.

Our producers can be found everywhere.

At the end of a quiet country lane in the Comeragh Mountains, in the shallows of Dungarvan harbour, nestled down a side street in Ballyduff, in the vineyards of Gaultier, overlooking the surf in Tramore, or at the end of a majestic drive in Waterford.

So come and meet the makers, experience our retail and hospitality offering, and take in their stories, craft and family secrets that have been passed through the generations.

Dungarvan Brewing Co at Merry's Pub 2012
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