Prátaí Cróga – Patatas Bravas with an Irish twist

Prátaí Cróga - Patatas Bravas with an Irish twist

Here’s a recipe from Jenny Flynn, executive chef of Faithlegg Hotel, inspired by the classic patatas bravas traditional Spanish dish, but with an Irish twist.

Let us know how you get on!

From Jenny…

Prátaí Cróga – Patatas Bravas with an Irish twist

This sauce you can make as spicy or mild as you like, it depends on the type of paprika used, so be brave, the “Bravas” refers to the fieriness in the heat and spice of the sauce.

I am adding an Irish chorizo from a smokehouse in West Cork Gubbeen, Irish new potatoes, and some amazing Irish tomatoes from our supplier.

Bravas sauce
200ml olive oil
½ tsp hot smoked paprika (pimentón picante)
1 ½ sweet paprika (pimentón dulce)
2-3 tbsp flour
300ml chicken or vegetable stock
Salt and pepper.

Heat the olive oil in a small sauce pan over medium heat, add in both paprikas, stir until well combined.
Add in ½ the flour and stir until combined. Keep stirring for about a minute to toast the flour slightly.
Over a medium heat add the stock very gradually stirring constantly, this is similar to a white sauce, the flour will absorb the liquid and leave you with a velvety looking sauce.
The sauce should thicken. Only add more flour if necessary to achieve the right consistency.
Reduce to low heat and simmer for 3-5 minutes stirring occasionally.
Season to taste and drizzle over your new potatoes.

This will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks, just heat slightly and toss potatoes in. This is also nice with fish, especially prawns.

The Irish twist, you will need:
Irish new potatoes
Slice 1 onion
Clove garlic, crushed
Gubbeen sausage sliced
Irish heirloom tomatoes and plum tomatoes – 4 of each
Salt and pepper
Splash of white wine.

Cook the new potatoes just until you can stick a knife through them, remove from the heat.
Allow to cool, dice with the skin on. In a roasting tray heat some vegetable oil, toss the potatoes in with a glove of crushed garlic.
Roast in the oven so they crisp up, give them a shake to stop sticking.
In a separate pan, heat the pan and add the sliced Gubbeen, oil will come out of the sausage so add the onion garlic and tomatoes, cook until soft. You may need to add a splash of water with the wine to stop it from colouring to make it a sauce like texture. This will be quick and done in around 5 minutes.
In a bowl, add in the crispy new potatoes and add the chorizo mix top with the patatas bravas sauce.

This is a dish you can use as a side dish to a grilled fish or meats, a real treat.

Serve with Tinto de Verano, Spanish summer cocktail for that holiday feeling!