Try these carrot recipes from award-winning Irish Gourmet Butter

Carrot soup - Irish Gourmet Butter

Our last demo at this year’s Waterford Harvest Festival with the Taste Waterford Kitchen, was award-winning Irish Gourmet Butter.

Mary and Billy Sharpe, along with help from their son, Head Chef Harrison, created three different carrot recipes.

The audience loved their food story and were so impressed with their dishes, they asked for the recipes.

So here they are – let us know how you get on!

From Mary, Billy and Harrison…

Gin glazed carrots

500g carrots
50-70g butter
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon sugar (for regular carrots)
80/100ml water (mineral water if you prefer)
35ml gin.

Cut the carrots into pieces roughly the size of the top of your thumb. Put in a wide heavy bottomed pan on a high heat with the salt, pepper, sugar and water.

After 8-12 minutes the water should boil off, the carrots should still have a lovely buttery glaze. Add the gin and let it evaporate.

Serve and enjoy.

Tandoori Carrots

500g carrots
Half a large carton of natural full fat yogurt
5g salt
1 tablespoon garam masala or own blend
1 tablespoon ghee or oil.

Marinate the carrots in the yogurt, salt, garam masala and oil for 2 hours or overnight.

Preheat oven to 220+c. Take carrots out of the marinade and place in a single layer on baking sheet. After approximately 15 minutes add a little more of the marinade to the carrots to coat. The carrots are cooked when they are singed on the outside but still firm in the middle.

Harrison plated them with black lentil and butter purée, Labneh, smoked tomatoes, pickled rhubarb, carrot top Zurg and toasted cashew nut, finished with lime.

Caramelised carrot soup

This recipe is from Modernist Cuisine, see link: