Dungarvan Brewing Company welcomes new owner

Tom Dauber - Dungarvan Brewing Company

Dungarvan Brewing Company, a beloved brewery in west Waterford, is pleased to announce new ownership of the brewery as it finalised sale of the business to Tom Dauber, a passionate beer enthusiast and experienced business executive.

As the new steward, Tom is committed to preserving the brewery’s rich legacy while strategically positioning it for future success in an ever-evolving market.

Tom is deeply dedicated to upholding the traditions and recipes that have made Dungarvan Brewing Company a success for more than a decade, and his commitment to preserving the brewery’s heritage will be carefully balanced with a forward-thinking approach to embrace changing market trends and consumer preferences.

“I am honored to be entrusted with the stewardship of Dungarvan Brewing Company, my goal is to ensure that this brewery remains a cherished part of the community and continues to thrive for many years to come.” – Tom Dauber, brewery owner.

To achieve his vision Tom plans to collaborate closely with the staff to develop future growth plans, with an immediate start on increasing staffing and output at the brewery, and bringing his financial and operational expertise to the business to improve efficiencies and develop the existing market and reach of the beers.

Tom’s combination of a profound passion for beer and a strong business acumen will bring Dungarvan Brewing Company beers to new audiences in a highly competitive market, making great beer accessible to even more people and continuing the brewery’s legacy while embracing a bright and exciting future.

Dungarvan Brewing Company’s team and its new steward are delighted to embark on this exciting journey together and begin working towards a strong and successful future for Dungarvan beers.

About Tom Dauber:
Meet Tom Dauber, new owner of Dungarvan Brewing Company and a highly accomplished business executive with over thirty years of experience in leadership and management roles.

Alongside this, Tom has got a great passion for beer, thanks in part to much of his childhood being spent in Germany. Tom and his wife also have a great affinity to Ireland, it’s history and culture so the purchase of Dungarvan Brewing Company is a way to make his dreams of relocating to Ireland with his family a reality.

Tom’s career journey began over thirty years ago as a civilian working for the US Navy, where he engaged in complex financial, technical and predictive analyses concerning US Navy weapon and electronic systems. Over the years he progressively moved into management and leadership positions with well-known US Federal contractors such as Northrop Grumman and Maxar, as well as consulting firms like Booz Allen Hamilton, Cobec Consulting and, most recently, Take2 Consulting where he now holds the position of Vice President of Business Development.

In each leadership role, he played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth, exploring new opportunities and markets, creating innovative products and services, and assembling and leading high-performing teams that achieve impressive results even in challenging circumstances.

Tom lives in Vienna, Virginia just outside Washington, D.C. with his wife Rebecca, who will be taking an administrative role at the brewery, and their son Carl. The Dauber family enjoys travelling, sports and attending Carl’s piano recitals, and with both Tom and Rebecca having a shared Irish heritage they hold a profound affection for Ireland, its history and its culture. To this end they view the purchase of the brewery as a step closer toward their family’s future relocation to Ireland.

About Dungarvan Brewing Company:
Founded in 2010, Dungarvan Brewing Company has been crafting exceptional beers that capture the essence of Ireland’s rich brewing heritage. The brewery specialises in traditional style, bottle-conditioned and now can-conditioned ales and stouts in bottle, can, casks and kegs.

The brewery grew out of a love of beer and brewing, and the desire to see a return to brewing in the town of Dungarvan. The founders came together to share beers and from there the idea of the brewery developed. With a dedication to quality and tradition, Dungarvan Brewing Company has become a cherished name in the world of craft beer, known for its distinct flavors and commitment to excellence.

The brewery’s focus on both tradition and innovation has made it a beloved institution in the community.

Visit: https://dungarvanbrewingcompany.com/