Granville Hotel launches a new dinner menu

Granville Hotel - new dinner menu

The Granville Hotel are introducing their brand new dinner menu at the Bianconi Restaurant.

They have changed every dish on the menu to bring a delightful menu showcasing fresh ingredients and local suppliers including Billy Burkes Fish Shop, O’Flynn’s Butchers and Dunphy’s of Annestown.

Some of the highlights on the menu include the rustic Chicken, Ham & Tarragon Terrine with a Crispy Chicken Skin to add a modern twist.

For main course enjoy an exquisite seafood dish featuring two delicate treasures from the ocean, John Dory and Hake with a Mussel Broth and Rainbow Trout Caviar.

There are also duck, lamb, pork and beef dishes and a Caramelised Celeriac dish with a symphony of flavours and textures to redefine the humble root vegetable.

For dessert enjoy a timeless Crème Brûlée which has been reinterpreted with a Bay Leaf flavour or a Milk Chocolate Parfait.