Taste Waterford Charter

Taste Waterford welcomes membership from businesses passionate about Co. Waterford’s food and drink. 

To ensure that every member has the highest standards of quality, integrity and commitment, we ask them to agree to our Taste Waterford Charter, so that everyone, including locals and visitors receive the best food and drink experience possible.


Business must be located in Co. Waterford.


Members to help, support, collaborate and guide each other, and develop best-in-class practices.


Have structures in place to reduce their carbon footprint, impact on environment, and encourage a workplace of sustainability and reduced consumption. 

Experience for visitors 

Members should have a customer focused approach, and provide the best service possible, including knowledgeable employees, retail design, marketing and experiences for customers. 


Where food and drink is either produced or sold, members should use the maximum amount of ingredients or produce from Co. Waterford. If ingredients cannot be sourced locally, then they should be from Ireland, and overseas as a final option – whilst reducing environmental impacts. 

Brand Taste Waterford 

Members to promote the work of Taste Waterford and work together to develop ideas to continue storytelling of Co. Waterford food and drink. To interact with the Taste Waterford team to provide content and marketing suggestions. 

Champions of the #Deise 

Have an understanding of Co. Waterford’s rich history, location, facilities and landmarks – to give everyone the best experience possible. 

Use of brand

Protect the brand by adhering to guidelines, upholding what it stands for, and ensuring the use reflects our values of quality, integrity and commitment.

How do I apply?

We encourage any business that is passionate about food and drink in Co. Waterford to become a member.

It’s really important though that our offering is the very best. We want members offering the highest of standards in product and service. And we want locals and visitors to have an unbeatable food and drink experience.

To ensure this happens, and maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity and commitment, we have a Taste Waterford Charter. We ask that all members agree to this.

Once you’re happy with our Charter, please complete the online
member application form.

plate oysters A Taste Waterford member product