Summer duck and gooseberry recipe

We have a delicious summer recipe from Executive Chef at Faithlegg Hotel – Jenny Flynn.

Follow Jenny’s recipe below and let us know how you get on!

West Cork duck breast with fermented gooseberries and sweet potato puree

The real treat in this dish are the gooseberries, they are bang in season, and so versatile for use in both savoury dishes and sweet dishes.

In this dish I am fermenting them which prolongs the season. It is also a great accompaniment to any cheese board. We got our gooseberries from a local supplier, David Dennison.

Fermented gooseberries:

500g gooseberries
15g honey
Pinch of mustard seeds
1 Kilner jar.


Pick the gooseberries ensuring they are not damaged in any way.
Place in the Kilner jar and pour over honey and mustard seeds.
Put the lid on the jar and give a good shake.
Leave in a dry, cool area and shake every day for about a week.
You will see the juice seeping out of the berries.
The natural yeast on the gooseberries helps the fermentation process, you can use yoghurt whey, but I find this process creates the best result.
They are ready to use after a couple of weeks.

Sweet potato puree:

1 large, sweet potato
Orange zest ¼
Milk to cover.


Peel and slice the sweet potato, place in a pot with the milk and zest of the orange.
Bring to the boil and simmer until well cooked.
Strain the milk off keeping it separate.
Place in a blender, adding back in the milk until smooth and holding consistency.

Skeaghanore duck:

I use Skeaghanore duck breast, they breed Pekin duck. They are so close to the sea the salt air and marsh land give them a distinct flavour.


1 duck breast.
I score the skin of the duck before cooking to help render the fat down during the cooking process.
This is a 200g breast so cooking times could differ depending how you like your duck.
In a hot dry pan place the duck skin side down.
Cook for 4 minutes on a high heat, turn and cook for a another 4 minutes. Allow to rest and carve.
Place on warm gooseberries and a quenelle of sweet potato.

And enjoy!