Hola to churros in Dungarvan!

In May, we welcomed our latest member of Taste Waterford – Churriosity in Dungarvan. We met with the owner John Curry to hear about his love for all things churros.

It all started when John and his wife Aisling were honeymooning in Spain, and came across the churro – a traditional fried dough popular in Spain.

Having fallen in love with the taste and texture, they set about seeking in Ireland that genuine taste that brought back many happy memories.

John said: “You never forget your first taste. And that’s what we wanted to recreate – but found it difficult. So a Spanish friend of ours offered their family recipe, and to make the perfect churro, using contacts we had, we travelled to Spain in 2018 and learned from a master churro maker from Madrid – it was an incredible experience.”

John and Aisling then put their skills and knowledge into action and opened Dungarvan’s first churreria in 2019.

It was important from the start for John to ensure that authenticity and quality was as the core of the venture.

The flour for example is a particular type used for churros and sourced from Spain. The dough is made fresh every day and cooked to order. Along with high-quality oil, just two more ingredients make up these incredibly tasty snacks, which are vegan friendly.

John also imported a special churro machine. Bolted to the counter and in shiny metal, the gadget is a professional piece of kit and wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery.

With a crispy texture on the outside, and light centre, they are like nothing else and people are always surprised how unique a food experience they are. As John often says “The only thing like an authentic churro, is another authentic churro.”

Mainly eaten in Spain at breakfast, the snack is also versatile as John explains.

“They can be eaten at any time of day. Breakfast, lunch or the evening. Traditionally they are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and many Spaniards love to dip them in hot chocolate, which is what we offer here too – and our customers love it. The chocolate is also imported from Spain.”

Customers have a wide range of dips to choose from, including chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, and the always popular dulce de leche.

John has been particularly pleased with how customers have reacted to Churriosity’s ‘Fiesta Cones’. An easy take-away snack with churros, complemented with whipped cream, fiesta toppings and ice cream – they are rapidly becoming a best seller with churros fans.

Along with churros, Churriosity offers a range of drinks and sides from local, quality suppliers. Coffee is from Coffee House Lane and ice cream tubs from Baldwin’s.

It’s not just about the taste for John, it’s the experience too. That’s why he’s gone to great lengths to make the inside of the coffee shop a journey through Spain. With pictures taken by Aisling, and traditional Spanish tiles, artwork and vintage newspaper – you’ll get a true taste of Spain.

What’s next for Churriosity? Along with growing a trade supplying restaurants, they are looking to work with retail outlets and offer their frozen precooked retail packs to a wider audience.

So, John’s passion for churros looks set to spread across the region! John says: “They are so popular with our regular out of town customers that many have asked if we could sell them through local shops in their home towns.”

Churriosity is open Tuesday to Saturday and located at Mary Street, Dungarvan. (Extended opening days/times during the summer months.)

For trade inquiries, more info and opening times, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/churriositydungarvan/